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The New York Chapter has membership plans for law firms and individuals. All memberships are valid for the calendar year.

Membership in the Coalition provides an invaluable opportunity for you and your law firm or company to connect with other female attorneys, their firms and networks, and to positively impact other women in the legal field. The Coalition leads diversity and inclusion efforts and supports women's resource groups, and provides CLE programming on a variety of topics.
Member benefits include:

  • Members-only programs designed to appeal to women attorneys with all levels of experience, featuring speakers from both inside and outside the legal community, and offering training and perspectives on how to be successful in today's business environment.
  • The ability to exchange information, network and share the positive efforts and successes of more than 120 law firms and companies in Chicago, New York, and Washington, D.C.
  • Access ideas and guidance for enhancing the recruitment, retention and promotion of women lawyers within your firm or others.
  • Opportunities to support the building, implementation and continued relevancy of women's initiatives in law firms.
  • Opportunities to help the Coalition support and guide efforts and practices that help develop women attorneys to their fullest potential.

The Coalition Annual Membership Dues are based on the number of attorneys in the firm’s New York City office(s), according to the following scale:

The Annual Membership Dues for in-house counsel, government counsel, and solo practitioners joining on an individual basis.


2 – 25 Attorneys: $700/year
26 – 50 Attorneys: $1,050/year
51 – 99 Attorneys: $2,075/year
100 – 199 Attorneys: $3,500/year
200-299 Attorneys: $4,150/year
300+ Attorneys: $4,875/year




Annual Corporate Membership Dues are the lesser of the product of $85.00 and the total number of women attorneys in your New York office, or based on the number of attorneys in your New York office(s), according to the scale at left.